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7 items employers should supply for their home workers

Making sure your employees have the correct equipment when working from home…

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5 easy ways to use collaborative workspace furniture

Collaboration and innovation; closely linked. Employers are aware that the hybrid method…

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Folding desks to create a flexible office workspace

Folding or flip-top desks and tables (also sometimes referred to as ‘conference…

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Outdoor furniture solutions for al fresco meetings

The benefits of outdoor working, which, for so many of us, began during the pandemic as a way to ‘stay safe’ are now almost universally accepted. Increasingly, a wide range of studies reveal the fantastic benefits of some outdoor time, from reducing stress to lowering blood pressure.

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Office trends 2022

The past couple of years has been a challenge for us all….

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Should you get an office chair with a headrest?

It can be hard to choose an office chair, there are so…

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6 ways you can make your office eco friendly
Ways to make your office more sustainable

When it comes to becoming more environmentally friendly, every little helps.  We have…

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The best air purifying plans for productivity
Bring your office to life… Best plants for office productivity

We know that improving office spaces through the addition of greenery makes good business…

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The best sustainable office chairs

An increasing number of our customers factor sustainability into their office furniture…

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