Compare Green Energy Suppliers for Business

The energy price caps in the UK are the highest they have ever been. As well as massively increasing the cost of living for domestic customers, this rise in energy costs is going to have a serious impact on businesses across the country.

The best way to save money on your energy bill is to switch to green electricity with a supplier that matches your consumption profile. Let’s consider some of the steps you can take to compare green energy suppliers and reduce your energy bill this winter.

Weathering energy price rises this winter

Energy prices in the UK – and Europe – are at all-time highs. The government has recently stepped in to cap energy prices for domestic customers at £2,500 per year for the average household.

For businesses, this cap doesn’t apply, but instead, the government has promised an equivalent cap in the form of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme. The cap covers energy usage from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023.

Of course, the price cap is still higher than energy rates have ever been before, and many businesses will still struggle to pay the bills even with the cap in place. The rising cost of energy impacts the ability of businesses to:

  • Heat their premises
  • Cook and prepare food
  • Provide entertainment via electronics
  • Pay transport costs for delivery

If your business is struggling to pay for the basics, it’s important to understand how you can reduce your bills this year.

How to compare green energy suppliers

Businesses can compare green energy suppliers online to find suppliers offering the best tariffs for their needs.

There’s more than just price to consider. Look for a green energy supplier that offers excellent customer service and a usable online customer interface to improve your experience with them over the next few years.

Choosing a supplier that invests heavily in green energy may mean that you are not relying on the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels and could see your bills come down quicker and remain consistent. Businesses should also look to go green to reduce their own carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to the environment to their customers.

You might also want to consider the terms of the energy contract that you sign up for. Some suppliers offer more flexibility in case you want to leave a contract early or switch suppliers, and in today’s uncertain market, flexibility is always a plus.

Next Steps

Read more about the UK government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme here and compare green energy suppliers online to reduce your bills this winter.

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