DSE & Workstation assessments

We’re here to support your business. We’ll help you get comfortable, compliant and productive with a range of assessment options to help you complete your DSE requirements as efficiently as possible.

3564+ compliant clients

3564+ compliant clients

112,952+ individuals helped

112,952+ individuals helped

874 miles of the UK covered

874 miles of the UK covered

Level 1:

Self assessments

Our 99p online DSE assessments are a safe, quick and easy way to complete a self-assessment. Simply purchase the number of licenses you need, pass them on to your employees to complete and the results will be generated for you to review.They are ideal for:

  • Smaller companies that have a dedicated person that can review each assessment
  • An intermediate solution for those that have found themselves working from home
  • Saves you reems of paperwork
online dse self assessments
dse assessments and workplace risk assessments

Level 2:

Online workstation assessment system

Our online workstation assessment system saves you time by taking care of all of your administration, reporting and it has automated solutions. This is an excellent solution for managing your assessment requirements.

  • Manage your assessment requests easily
  • Specialist assessment modules for home workers & hybrid workers
  • One of the most cost-effective solutions on the market with a sliding price scale
  • Automated reminders to ensure a high level of staff compliance
  • Automatic ‘solutions’ documents sent to staff if their assessment indicates they need further training
  • Administrators are alerted if a face to face follow-up is required
  • Full audit trail
  • Management reports at the click of a button
  • Saves you time

Level 3:

Virtual Assessments

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our online virtual assessments. Particularly good for home workers that are shielding, our expert virtual assessments will help you to achieve your compliance remotely:

  • A brilliant resource for employees that are having trouble working remotely
  • Written record of the assessment provided by a qualified DSE assessor
  • One to one coaching provided
  • Expert real time advice on how to set up your workstation

virtual DSE workstation set up assessment
dse assessments and workplace risk assessments

Level 4:

Face to Face Assessments

We are a Covid-19 secure workplace and have taken all the neccesary precautions to ensure that we can continue to safely conduct face to face assessements in your home or workspace.

  • One to one in person coaching
  • On-site adjustments to your equipment & workstation
  • Bespoke action plan for you and your staff member
  • In-depth written assessment for your records
  • Product recommendations and product trials (if neccessary)

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