Perks of the job – monthly massage therapy in the office.

We practice what we preach at Posture People and the wellbeing of our staff is important to us.

As well as providing all members of our team with sit-stand desks to ensure optimum movement during the working day, we hold Massage Mondays in the office once a month, when each member of our staff is entitled to a massage in work hours by a mobile Sports Therapist. These massages help to get rid of all our knots and relieve the aches and pains associated with our desk-based jobs. Our employees just pay a tenner and we cover the rest.

massages for offices

We look forward to Kim’s visits each month to iron out our sore backs, stretch our tight necks and loosen up our shoulders, and our Massage Mondays were even featured by the Evening Standard recently when they mentioned us in an article on office “perkplaces”!

If you’re thinking of doing the same for your staff or are interested in booking a massage therapist for your shared workspace, we can highly recommend Kim’s mobile sports therapy and holistic therapies. Kim will come to your office and leave you all feeling much taller, happier and less tense than when she arrived! And as happier, healthier staff lead to more productive workplaces, it’s a very worthwhile investment for your business.

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