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Posture Corrector Kit

£34.99 (ex VAT)

Click here to watch ‘How to use a posture corrector’ – Great video which goes through each item in the kit and how to use them!

This is a brilliant combination of equipment that can really help combat poor posture.  Many of the posture corrector kits on the market, only address part of the problem. A shoulder brace on it’s own won’t help to correct posture, but you also have to strengthen the muscles (using the resistance band), and release the tight muscles (Using the peanut ball).  This is what we really liked when we saw this kit, it contained all 3 elements at a really cost effective price.  If all the items were ordered separately this would normally cost over £55.

Do Posture Kits actually work?  Mike Cassidy-Hogg (Chiropractor) explains what you need to look for when selecting a posture corrector click here 

Designed by a Physio and Chiropractor duo, the posture corrector is discrete and comfortable enough to wear under clothing (30 mins to 3-4 hours per day) and reminds your body to adopt a better position. Remind your body of a better position, wake up the posture muscles with the resistance band, and stretch out and release your back.  One of our favourite items in the kit is the peanut ball, by lying on this is has helped to release all the tension that builds up from sitting at a desk or table all day.  The kit includes links to YouTube videos showing you the most effective strengthening exercises and how to release the tight muscles using the peanut ball.

Just 10 mins a day doing the resistance and stretching exercises can really make a difference.

Size guide (measure around the upper chest)

Small: 81-92cm (32-36″)

Medium: 94-111cm (36-43″)

Large: 111-120cm (44-47″)

Product Specs:

What’s included in the Posture Corrector Kit?

  • Chiro & Physio-approved posture corrector (does not push the neck forward)
  • Resistance-band to retrain your posture muscles and bring your shoulders back
  • Posture-ball to release your back stiffness, so it feels natural to sit and stand up straighter
  • Plus links to FREE videos: ‘Professional Tips & Tricks for Rapid Posture Improvement’

The straps also tighten from underneath, which encourages your shoulders to roll back into a better position, instead of pulling the shoulder forward.

It is made from soft and breathable neoprene, with webbing straps and velcro attachments.

Size guide (measure around the upper chest)

Small: 81-93cm (30-36″)

Medium: 94-113cm (37-44″)

Large: 114cm+ (45″+)

If between two sizes, opt for the larger size.


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This product is good for...

  • 3 pronged approach to correcting bad posture habit
  • Easily adjustable with comfortable straps
  • Exclusive 'how to' videos
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