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VELA Tango 700E

£2,524.77 (ex VAT)

The price includes standard features: brakerod, backrest arm w/ assembly kit, wheel set with 2 brake wheels, left and right adjustable armrests, a medium seat and backrest. For additional features or different sized seating and backrests (please call 0330 332 0880 to enquire)

The VELA 700E activity chair is a fantastic seating solution for those seeking for more independence around the house and at work, giving individuals the ability to go from seated to standing activities easily and in comfort. The VELA Tango 700E chair is ideal for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, chronic arthritis and Ehlers Danlos syndrome or any condition that comes with mobility challenges. This poses unique challenges when getting in and out of an office chair.

The VELA Tango 700E chair is the latest model of the popular VELA chair. The chair offers independence at home and work in a user-friendly design. By sitting down in a VELA chair, you can perform your usual standing activities safely and comfortably without draining your energy. All because of a safe hand­brake, easy-rolling wheels, and stable sitting comfort.

The VELA Tango 700E has two different series of ergonomically designed seats and backrests: ‘Active’ seats and backrests offer great comfort and light support. It comes in various sizes to fit your body and support needs. ‘Contour’ seats and backrests offer excellent comfort and a high degree of support. Both the seat and backrest have shaped with side support that helps stabilise your sitting position. VELA Tango 700E standard fabric is Main Line Plus, which has an excellent resistance to wear, good comfort and high cleanability.

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Product Specs:


Armrests (W x L): 9 x 25cm

Frame size: 55 x 55cm

Height adjustment: 200mm & 300mm

Seat angle: 10° forwards, 15° backward

Backrest adjustment: up to 10cm

Adjustable armrests (distance between armrests ranges from 38.5-52.5cm)


Maximum weight (user): 133kg (21 stone)

Warranty: 2 years (batteries not included)


Seat Sizing Dimensions (CM)

S = 40 X 40

M = 44 X 44

L = 47 X 47

XL = 49 X 49

Backrest Sizing Dimensions (CM)

S = 38 X 22

M = 38 X 30

L = 40 X 40

XL = 40 X 48







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