The perfect chair for Infant school teachers

We are always scouting out niche new products to fix the issues that people are having with their workspaces. Recently we were introduced to the Kiga chair, a revolutionary chair that is perfect for infant school teachers. This role in particular calls for a lot of crouching down to the level of the children, or in some cases sitting on child-sized furniture. Sitting this low, causes the knees to come above the hip and create an unnatural slump, or curvature of the spine; synonymous with causing back pain. The Kiga chair is designed especially to those who work at a lower than desk height level with its shorter gas stem and supportive chest plate to lean against. This chair can be used either way round to either use as a support or a normal chair to sit at your desk comfortably. Curious to see how this chair worked in practice, we decided to try it out in a local school and get some feedback from the teachers themselves!

What age range do you teach?

Reception 4-5 year olds

What was wrong with the previous set up?

It was a very low traditional ‘old skool’ upholstered teacher’s chair. Not suitable to work at the computer on my desk or portable to the tables were the children are learning.

Did you spend any money before on outside support e.g. physio or chiropractor fees

Yes weekly physio sessions for the last 18 months

What are the benefits of your new set up vs. your old set up?

The Kiga chair has completely revolutionised my teaching practise. The fact that I can adjust the height of the chair to suit my very different working needs is fantastic. I can now work at the computer comfortably or lower the chair to fit the small tables when I am teaching alongside the children in my class. I had a real problem bending over the tables to teach individual children but due to the genius of the Kiga chair’s reversible backrest I can lean forward to support my back. The difference it has made is amazing. The specific localised pain I was experiencing has disappeared and this largely due to the fact that I can straddle the chair and lean forward comfortably. This means that my back is in alignment and not being compromised. Thank you so much!

What would you like to change about the Kiga chair?


Would you recommend the Kiga chair to a friend?

Absolutely and I have!

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