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Posture People Limited and our sister company Love Your Workspace Limited (“we” or “our” or “us”) may use cookies and other tracking technologies when you visit or (collectively, “our websites”). Cookies and tracking technologies allow our websites to function correctly whilst also helping improve the services we provide and experience we offer.

This Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time by publishing a new version on our websites and/or by notifying you of changes by email. You should check this page and our Privacy Policy page regularly to stay informed of updates.

Last updated: 14th July 2020


A “cookie” is a small data file, often containing a string of information, that is stored on your computer’s or web-enabled device’s browser. Cookies are sent from websites to record your user preferences, keep you logged in, facilitate purchase procedures, track the pages you visit, and many other things. Some cookies are essential for a website to function correctly, whilst others may be used to enhance the user’s experience or provide the website with additional information.


We use cookies on our websites to remember user preferences, enable essential checkout / ecommerce functionality, improve the usability of our websites, allow customers to log in, display user reviews, record when pages are visited, identify error pages, and help keep our websites secure (among other things).


Below are some details on the types of cookies used on our websites. The exact cookies used will vary depending on the website visited and the cookie preferences set.

Necessary Cookies

Necessary Cookies are essential to the operation of our websites. They are required for our websites to function correctly and safely. These cookies allow users to purchase products and access their accounts, they are also needed for managing traffic, improving security, providing VAT status, and many other essential functions.

Analytics & Measurement Cookies

Analytics Cookies and Measurement Cookies allow us to see how visitors arrive on our websites. These cookies also inform us of how visitors navigate and interact with our websites. This information allows us to improve our website usability and services. Using this information we can identify any issues or features that may need improvement. We use Google Analytics with IP anonymization enabled and Google Tag Manager.

Social Media Cookies

Social Media Cookies are third-party cookies provided by other websites, often social networks. These cookies are used to enable and track when visitors view or interact with content from that website. We may include Trustpilot reviews on our websites, which may use a third-party cookie. Other social media content, such as content from Twitter or Facebook, may be embedded or shown on our websites – these too may use third-party cookies.


When you first visit, and every 90 days after your first visit, you will be prompted to select which types of cookies you would like to use. You can manage your cookie preferences using this cookie prompt.

Additionally, most web browsers also provide the ability to manage and remove cookies. Instructions on how to manage cookies vary depending on the browser used. Below are instructional links for some of the most popular browser types:


For further information and details about privacy please see our Privacy Policy.