In-House DSE Assessors Information

We’ve created this page as a dedicated resource for In-House DSE Assessors, if there is anything particular that you would like to see please let us know and we’ll add it to this page.

Download a PDF showing the slides from our top up training course for DSE assessors. The training looks at the 4 different homeworking set ups commonly found and what can help. It also goes through what the main differences are between home workstations and office workstations.

Further resources

We have a whole section on our website which combines lots of information on working from home and is a link that can be easily sent out to employees if they are looking for advice.

But it’s worth searching our blog if you have a specific area you’d like more information on

If you’re not sure how to start assessing everyone working at home, have a look at our assessment options to see if any would help.

Jo Blood, Posture People

Please remember if you’ve got any questions feel free to drop me an email or call us on 0330 332 0880