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Mousetrapper Alpha

£299.00 (ex VAT)

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Mousetrapper Alpha is an easy to use 2 in 1 keyboard and ergonomic mouse. The Mousetrapper pad is positioned centrally in front of the built-in keyboard to encourage and achieve a healthy working position. The design is ideal for users who want an efficient way to reduce pain whilst working.

If you like a sleek keyboard with ergonomic benefits this will be perfect for you! It has a similar feel to the Apple MacBook keyboard, has a long battery life and is wireless.

Different from the other mousetrapper mice this size is perfect if you’re on the go, or like us at Posture People are hybrid working – great for the office or home!


Product Specs:


Width: 12.3 inches
Height: 0.8 inches
Depth: 8.7 inches

Technical specifications:

Control pad with click and scroll functions

Integrated keyboard with 19 programmable buttons

Up to 2 months of battery life between charges
Support for MT Keys

Bluetooth 4.1

2000 dpi

Warranty: 2 years

Wireless: Option to work wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.1. Rechargeable battery with up to 2 months of battery life

19 buttons: Programmable buttons for customization to your needs with mousetrapper app

2-in-1: Ergonomic mouse with a full-size integrated keyboard


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This product is good for...

  • Hybrid working
  • Pain in the forearms, wrists and hands
  • A healthier working position
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