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Orangebox Flo chair

£916.00 (ex VAT)

The Orangebox Flo Office Chair is a fantastic ergonomic chair upholstered with memory foam to help support the thoracic and lumbar areas. The inflatable air cells support the back and chest with its ability to adjust to a variety of different body types and health conditions. In our experience here at Posture People the chair is well suited for average to taller individuals, due to the deep seat design. This offers extra support to the back of the thighs.

The headrest is an optional piece but favoured by many. There is 70mm of upward movement with the neck rest to fit your needs, but if you are unsure this item can be ordered separately due to the neck cassette already being installed into the chair.

Overall, the Orangebox Flo Chair is an easy and well labelled piece of office furniture. This makes it good for environments where users set up their own chairs or share chairs in an office / shift workspace.

  • Height adjustable armrests
    • 0 £
  • Headrest
    • 0 £
  • Coccyx cut out
    • 0 £
  • Additional layer of memory foam (comfort wrap)
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  • Castors/Glides
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  • Gaslift Height
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  • Fabric Choice
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Product Specs:


Seat width: 520mm (at its widest)

Seat height: 460-620mm

Seat depth: 400-500mm

Back width: 485mm (at its widest)

Back height: 585-685 mm

Warranty: 5 years

Weight range: 7 to 23.5 stone.


As Standard (other options are available):

Standard mechanism: 17 degrees of recline and 8 degrees of forward tilt.

Black sliding seat: 100mm adjustment

Arms: 360 degrees rotation, width adjustment, retraction adjustment and 100mm height adjustment.

Back: height adjustment

Lumbar and thoracic support pump.


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Professional installation and set-up for £65 + VAT. ADD SETUP

This product is good for...

  • Average height to tall users
  • Easy to adjust
  • High and supportive back rest
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