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The Backfriend is a combined backrest and seat base which can be used in any seat or chair including cars. Designed by a leading orthopaedic consultant, it is contoured to give the correct support to both the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine.

The single padded version of the backfriend is ideal if you want to use it in a car, as the double padded version can sometimes bring you too close the the roof if you are tall.

The Backfriend folds flat and has a handle to help with carrying.

Product Specs:

Width: 29½cm (11½”)
Height: 48cm (19”)
Padding: 2½cm (1″)

Width: 41cm (16”)
Depth: 36½cm (14½”)
Padding: SP – 2½cm (1″) or DP – 5cm (2″)

Total Product Weight: 1.6kg (3½lb)



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This product is good for...

  • Thoracic support
  • Lumbar support
  • Extra In-car or home office support
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