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Evoluent Mouse V4

£104.95 (ex VAT)

The Evoluent Mouse V4 is a vertical mouse that relaxes your hand in a ‘handshake’ position which eliminates the tension of a constantly twisted wrist.

Recommended as a solution to prevent and relieve RSI. Often triggered by gripping the mouse with your hand on an unnatural horizontal plane, Evoluent’s design allows for a much more relaxed grip.

Due to the comfortable and precise grip, the Evoluent mouse range has become a favourite mouse amongst Designers that we work with, or other job roles that requires heavy mouse work.

There are four sensitivity settings, high, low, medium, extra-low, to take you from fine graphical work to lightning-quick cursor movements. All the models have six programmable buttons, allowing for customisation to suit each user perfectly.

It requires a little bit of practice to get used to, but like us, you’ll soon wonder how you managed without it.

If you need an Apple Mac compatible version then please get in touch about Bluetooth options.

Product Specs:

Name: Evoluent4

Operating system: Windows Vista, 7,8, 10, OS X 10.5 <

Number of buttons: 6

Resolution (cursor speed:)800/1300/1800/2600 dpi

Plug & play: Yes

Cable length:215 cm

Width: 86 mm / Height: 81 mm Depth: 106 mm

Weight:173 g wired / 195g wireless

Connection: Wired


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This product is good for...

  • Keeping the arm in a neutral position to relieve strain
  • Designers or job roles that require repetitive mouse work
  • Reliving and preventing RSI
  • Precision mouse work
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