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Score PRO 952 footrest

£190.00 (ex VAT)

The Score PRO 952 footrest is the successor to the hugely successful ‘Basic 952’ footrest. Having sold over 250,000 worldwide, the new and improved 952 footrests features an even easier adjustment that can be operated from a sitting position with a user-friendly one-foot control. The Score PRO 952 can be adjusted between 8-30cm with a tilting angle between 0-90º. This offers excellent support for the feet, legs and thighs of more petite users.

This footrest is incredibly easy to use and easily adjust between different height positions.  The footrest is 44 cm (wide) x 32 cm (deep).  If you would like a larger area to rest your feet then the Score Pro 959 would be perfect

A height adjustable footrest is good if:

  • You wear different shoes with different sole thickness or if you want to alternate between shoes and socks
  • You have multiple people sharing the same desk i.e. a hot desking environment, and need a footrest that can easily adapt to different users height

If you are not sure if you need a footrest read our sitting guide to work out what height you should be sitting at, and then when you are sitting at the right height if your feet don’t reach the floor, you need a footrest.

Product Specs:

Height adjustment 8-30 cm
User-friendly 1-foot control
Non-slip footboard, W 44 cm x D 32 cm, for optimal comfort
Tilting angle 0-90º


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This product is good for...

  • Good height adjustment
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good support for petite users
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