Safely reopening your offices

How can we help?

As the UK Government eases restrictions, many employers plan for a safe return to the office. Whether you choose to make your workspace COVID secure or have adopted happy home working, we will be here to help and advise you every step of the way.

We want to look after your team wherever they are working. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to adapt our core services to prioritise the safety of the Posture People team and your workforce. We will be reviewing our services to abide by any changing government advice:

Free online clinic

If you are in charge of preparing the office for a return to the office and your not sure where to begin, we will be hosting a clinic where we will discuss:

• Mitigating the risk of COVID 19 in office environments
• How we can look after employees wherever they are working
• How can we efficiently manage staff at this uncertain time

DSE assessments, workstation assessments, office assessments

Workstation assessments

We have evolved our workstation assessment services to ensure that your people stay safe and compliant wherever they are working:

  • As of the 10th of July, we will once again be offering face to face DSE assessments in the office, home office or workplace of your choice.
  • We’ve had an overwhlemingly positive response to our online virtual assessments. Particularly good for home workers that are shielding, the virtual advice from one of our expert assessors following their online self-assessment will help you achieve your compliance remotely.
  • If you are on a tight budget, we have a variety of online self-assessments from as little as 99p that will help you identify who needs immediate attention. Please get in touch to dicuss the best option for your company.

Risk Assessments

To help you safely return to the office, we can provide you with a template so that you can easily conduct a Covid safe office risk assessment. If you get stuck, or need any help along the way, we will put you in touch with our Health & Safety expert who can guide you through the process.

Risk assessments, Covid risk assessments, office risk assessments
home office chairs, home office furniture, office chairs

Specialist Products

You can shop for everything you need on our online shop.

  • To help you prepare for a return to the office, we can supply custom social distancing signage, protective screens, ergonomic equipment & accessories.
  • To support your homeworkers, we have innovative home office solutions from space saving accessories to a whole office delivered in a box!
  • Whether you are purchasing on behalf of your company, or you’ve been given a budget to home workspace more comfortable, you can speak to one of our workstation assessors for an expert recommendation free of charge on 0330 332 0880.
  • If you are new to Posture People, buying on behalf of a company you can open an account giving you access to a dedicated account manager, easier billing and exclusive services.

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