5 easy ways to use collaborative workspace furniture

Collaboration and innovation; they’re closely linked. Employers are aware that the hybrid method of working – whereby we work some of the time from home and some in the office, is crucial to attracting and retaining employees. In a recent piece written for the BBC website Worklife, this is outlined in detail here.

Many of us love the fact that hybrid working means less time commuting, more time with our families and often, more focused periods to work in. However, the so-called workplace ‘pull’ is also key to creating a work culture which people find supportive and interesting.

Dave Blood of Loveyourworkspace, Posture People’s design specialists says:

“We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from world-leading, blue-chip soft drinks companies to boutique agencies with around 30 employees and we hear the same messages from almost all of them. Hybrid working isn’t going away and employers realise this. It’s all about how to attract people back to the office and creating cool, functional workspaces where people actually want to spend time.

Many of our clients tell us that their employees love the flexibility of working from home but they also want to be with colleagues; to gather, collaborate and connect. It’s something Posture People and Love Your Workspace are specialists in”.

Product (L-R) : Framed, Mayze, Host, Ousby, Pailo, Axyl, Adapt Wall, Silta – The Senator Group

In 2022 we’re far more likely to be heading into the office specifically for a ‘meeting day’ or a brainstorm. It means the office space we have needs to be a more creative space which can be switched around at a moment’s notice. It needs spaces for privacy to take confidential calls or to have one-to-one meetings. There’s also a need for rooms which can be used for a videoconference attended by a number of ‘real life’ attendees.

Posture People and Love Your Workspace can help facilitate this with some simple solutions to move your office on, whatever the budget or spatial constraints you might have. For more on flexible works space design see here.

The Adapt Wall, Senator

Instant brainstorms and short-cuts to breaking up a room into an agile, collaborative space, this mobile partition comes in a variety of options, among others, with whiteboard panels, fabric panels (for pinning) or even with coat hangers and drawers. This simple (yet in our opinion, genius!) piece of office furniture will quickly break up a room (if required) or create new spaces for privacy or collaboration which can be reimagined in minutes. The ‘wall’ is on casters, making this a seamless operation.

Adapt Wall (PC: AW2012MD), Play Tables, Jonny Stool (PC: JNY05)

Campers and Dens by Orangebox

This is a company that really understands how to take one product and make it work hard for its money. They have designed a series of brilliantly designed ‘pods’ with different shapes, functionality and sizes to suit a wide variety of office spaces (and plenty of other areas from homes and schools to exhibition spaces and way beyond). They’re a great company that use sustainable materials, most of which are recyclable.

Corner Glass Front with Cabin (PC: CD05CCLS), Kink (PC: CDK02L) + Wide Awning (PC: AW02)

We love:

“There is a race to create chairs using as few components as possible, Flokk have it down to 21 currently”

Dave Blood, director of Love Your Workspace, Posture People’s sister company who offer bespoke design, fit and furnishing advice.

Loop by Davison Highley

These neat little semi-private work pods are British-made with upholstered seats and distinct curved design. They proudly source 90% of their materials from within a 60-mile radius of their workshops in Buckinghamshire and products come with a lifetime guarantee. Consisting of curved upholstered screen, laminated desktop and integrated power. Loop can be used as a single pod or clustered together in groups.

Loop Desk Pod (PC: LOP01)

We love:

Senator’s recycling project, Sustain. In the past three years alone they’ve recycled

1 million kg of materials from recycled office chairs. Read more about their Sustain service here, which we used when delivering ergonomic chairs for the OneFamily workforce in Brighton. Find out just how many chairs were recycled (and CO2 saved!) here.

Calvert by Sixteen3

Creating space, dividing rooms or just need someone to take a break – the Calvert wall system is a beautifully designed product which can be reconfigured with shelves, boxes and planters. Seating, tables and benches, space for plants (very important in the new offices!) and storage systems are all available for this highly flexible piece. We can see this in retail scenarios, offices and homes – it’s a great product. Get in touch for more info.

Single Side-Fix Benches, Double-Sided Walls Slatted End Frames, Storage Walls, Large AV Display Box

*PC = Product Code

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