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We are hiring! Admin apprentice

We are currently looking for a Sales Support Apprentice. As our new…

solar panel boards
Compare Green Energy Suppliers for Business

The energy price caps in the UK are the highest they have…

Return to work
Notice of Closure

On the 19th of September 2022, we will join the UK in…

5 easy ways to use collaborative workspace furniture

Collaboration and innovation; closely linked. Employers are aware that the hybrid method…

Office Design Advice
Outdoor furniture solutions for al fresco meetings

The benefits of outdoor working, which, for so many of us, began during the pandemic as a way to ‘stay safe’ are now almost universally accepted. Increasingly, a wide range of studies reveal the fantastic benefits of some outdoor time, from reducing stress to lowering blood pressure.

Office Design Advice
EDS (Elhers-Danlos Syndrome) Awareness Month!

Here’s a few helpful links to spread awareness and information on EDS:…

Benefits of using a footrest

Are you thinking of using a footrest? Unsure if you need to…

Office Ergonomics Advice
Why your office chair needs back support

Back pain is such a big issue in the UK and so…

How to protect your back when working from home

Most of the office-based population have been working from home far more…

Back Pain