Supporting employees during uncertain times

Our brain has a tendency towards a negative bias and fears anything uncertain or new. The current situation with the Coronavirus is both uncertain and new and naturally, this can lead to an increase in mental health issues including heightened anxiety levels.

For some people, this is made worse by the need to self-isolate and spend extended periods of time alone at home and with limited contact with others. It’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed with all the conflicting information in our media, but there is a way to support your employee’s mental health when they are working from home in a climate of fear and uncertainty:

  • If employees are having to work from home, ensure you discuss with them the logistics of how this will happen. If possible, try and replicate how they would work in the office on a normal day
  • Make sure they can work remotely – a laptop or computer, an appropriate workstation, access to relevant documents and a clear understanding of what is expected of them
  • Help them set up a schedule which will allow them to manage their workload and remain motivated and productive
  • Set up regular telephone/Skype meetings so your team can keep in touch with you and each other
  • Use technology so your employees feel connected – a WhatsApp group is a good way for your team to keep in touch
  • If employees are struggling with their emotional health, ensure you offer appropriate support.

Remote working is beneficial for managing the spread of the Coronavirus but it can be challenging for employees who struggle with their mental health particularly if they are having to spend time alone.

Think Wellbeing can offer coaching via telephone or Skype to help individuals who are struggling to cope during this highly anxious time or who need additional support to manage productivity when working from home
Coaching can help individuals address fears and worries, build resilience and coping skills and manage their stress during testing times

Please contact Susie Bennett at Think Wellbeing to discuss your needs or leave us a message below.

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