What is a laptop stand?

Seventy-six per cent of the UK population own and use a laptop which has made the working life of many people much easier throughout COVID-19. Without them, many workers wouldn’t have the option to work from home. But not everyone who owns a laptop is using it ergonomically. If you’re a regular laptop user, you need a laptop stand!

What is a laptop stand and why everyone with a laptop should be using one?

A laptop stand is a raised platform for your laptop to sit on that you place on your desk. It elevates your screen to eye height and promotes better posture and It allows the user to work ergonomically. A laptop stand is a new essential for laptop users.

Downsides of using a laptop

 As useful as laptops might be, not everyone knows of the risks that come with using one regularly. They are designed for portability and convenience, but they haven’t been designed for working ergonomically. Here are some of the downsides of using a laptop:

  • It’s hard to use a laptop and have good posture, especially when using a laptop on your lap.  This is because a laptop screen is too low. To have good posture when working on a computer, the top of the screen has to be level with your eyebrows. Laptop screens are too low for most users.
  • Neck, shoulders and back pain from poor posture and slouching.
  • Laptops overheat easy, especially when used on the lap.

Even though using a laptop has disadvantages, you can still use them and keep the benefits. A laptop stand allows you to use a laptop without the downsides. It’s recommended to use a laptop stand with a laptop and plug in a separate keyboard and mouse.

Benefits of using a laptop stand

  • Better ergonomics
  • A laptop stand elevates the laptop so that the screen is closer to eyelevel. The top of your screen should always be at eyelevel.
  • It helps to improve posture which reduces back and neck pain.
  • Using a laptop stand encourages better typing ergonomics, when you use a separate keyboard.  The integrated laptop keyboard isn’t great. This is because a laptop keyboard is very flat and when typing your wrists won’t be aligned correctly, causing issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Prevents overheating and allows good air circulation for the laptop, enhancing its performance.

Taller people can use a laptop stand to add some extra height.

Different types of laptop stands

Folding laptop stands

Folding laptop stands are the simplest to use and are portable laptop stands. Ideal for someone who travels and works from multiple places.

The Addit laptop stand is an example of a foldable laptop stand. It’s made from Hylite, a lightweight material making it easy to carry around. It can easily be stored away or slipped into a laptop bag, meaning you can work ergonomically from anywhere. It’s height adjustable from 151-211mm. It also comes with a pouch to protect the stand when travelling.

The Contour laptop stand can be used with laptops or tablets, it raises the device off the surface to free up extra space and prevent overheating. It can be slipped into your pocket or bag so that you any work from anywhere you’d like.

Substantial laptop stands

Substantial laptop stands offer more height, but they aren’t easy to store or portable for travel as they don’t fold flat. But they are useful for someone who might need some more height. Folding laptop stands are better for portability.

The Neo Flex Stand offers a 15cm height adjustability range and tilt. It’s compatible with most laptops and has up to 360° of side-to-side swivel.

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