Review: The Ergotron Workfit-T

You might remember around this time last year, I wrote a review on the Varidesk. Since then we have moved offices and installed two banks of standing desks to make sure that our whole office has the option to sit and stand whilst working. At Posture People, we are always on the hunt for innovative and cost-effective ergonomic products. Luckily for me, this means getting to try out all the latest products out there! We only promote products that we love and truly believe make a difference, so believe me when I say we have searched high and low to bring you the finest wares! The most recent product that I have had the pleasure of reviewing is the Ergotron WorkFit-T.

Firstly, let me just start off by saying that un-boxing the 26.5kg WorkFit is a two-person job. Although it is weighty, it is a notably sturdy piece of equipment that comes fully assembled. This makes transforming your desk into a standing desk a piece of cake. The Ergotron WorkFit is great for those of you working on a bench desk system but want to get more active as it just sits on top of your existing desk. The WorkFit has a very sleek and minimalist design which is mimicked in the seamless counterbalancing mechanism. This allows the desk to rise and fall almost weightlessly without having to lean across it or drag it up to standing height.

One thing that has really impressed me about the WorkFit is the option to have a removable monitor riser attachment if required. This means that your computer screen(s) can be securely fixed to the desk and adjusted to remain in line with your eyebrow sitting or standing. This nifty gadget also comes with a cable tidy and monitor attachment. As a standard, you also have a fixed keyboard tray that is spacious enough for specialist keyboards or mice making it great for designers that need that bit of extra space for the mouse.

I really can’t fault this product. Not only does it look great in both colours (black and white), it is a seriously well-built piece of kit that gives your office an instant standing desk, without having to go the whole hog and install new desks. My current regular desk is a height-adjustable sit-stand desk in a bank of 4  from the Chemistry range. With my new height adjustable desk, there’s no need to swap it out for the WorkFit, but I can imagine the WorkFit being an absolute lifesaver if for any reason you are tied to a fix height desk. With its wide range of incremental adjustment, I think they would also work well in hot desk environments (where you have people of all shapes and sizes, small and tall, using the same desk).

Other notable benefits:

  • No installation or attachment required to your current desk
  • Provides up to 38cm of height adjustment
  • Fantastic add on kits to support laptops and monitors screens
  • Supports up to 15.9kg of external weight

I mentioned in my Varidesk review that you need to ease into standing at work. We moved offices to make sure we could have standing desks, get active and focus on the wellbeing of our staff. However, it’s not as simple as sit all day, stand all day. Some days we can be up and down every twenty minutes. Others, we might spend a majority sitting. The important thing is to be able to offer variety and cater to how different people feel comfortable working.

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