Fantastic ergonomic products under £100

The average guarantee for an ergonomic chair is around 5 years, with prices starting from as little as £200. This works out at around 7p a day (yes we did the chair maths). Not a massive price to pay to prevent workplace-related pain. But can we go one better? We have trialled out some fantastic products to bring you posture fixes under £100.

Screen & desk risers

A rough guide is to ensure your monitor is at the right height is that the top of the screen is at the same height as your eye line. Screen raisers allow you to raise your screen to this ideal height. In doing this, you won’t drop your head to look at the screen alleviating pressure on your neck.

If you need to raise your desk to prevent them from knocking on the underside of the desk, raise them up easily with a pack of sturdy desk rasiers.

Document holders

If you use a lot of paperwork in your day to day, you might find yourself committing one of our top posture sins. Looking at paperwork in front of your keyboard encourages you to over-stretch to use your keyboard and mouse, putting you in the running for musculoskeletal issues such as shoulder, neck and back pain.

A document stand can be placed in the ideal ergonomic position between the screen and the keyboard, permitting the eyes to scan in a straight line from the keyboard to the document stand to the screen, and thus minimising sideways movements of the head and eyes.

Sitting wedges and lumbar supports

We found it difficult to pick just one as sitting wedges and lumbar supports can be a real cost-effective back saver. Whether you are using it on a chair or in the car, these angled sitting wedges and back supports can provide instant relief. Sitting wedges work by tilting the pelvis correctly so the spine is in its natural position, significantly decreasing pain in the lower back and legs.

Book an appointment at the Posture People showroom

If you would to try out ergonomic chairs, standing desks and accessories, why not book an appointment at the Posture People Brighton based showroom. Here you will be able to have a full consultation with one of our expert DSE assessors who can recommend the perfect solution for your budget. Well versed in health and safety and musculoskeletal disorders, we promise that we will find a way to fix your workplace woes.

Laptop stand

Height-adjustable laptop stands allow you to raise your screen to an ergonomic viewing height and keeps your laptop or tablet cool. Designed to be lightweight and portable, they are perfect for on the go and there’s no reason not to squirrel one away in your laptop bag. Just remember to pair it with a compact keyboard and mouse for the ultimate agile set-up.

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