4 simple steps to employee engagement

Get the right space

Take a minute and think about where you have your best ideas. Whether it’s in the shower or when you’re daydreaming over your morning coffee, taking the time to think out where your best ideas are coming from can massively impact your business and your bottom line.

Note that we haven’t mentioned the office yet… If you are feeling uninspired and stale at work, maybe it’s time to rethink things.

People are coming to us now, more than ever, to create spaces that complement the way their employees want to work and encourage better employee engagement. If you are in need of a bit of motivation, check out some of our latest projects.

What’s important is that we take into consideration where your team can work best, and go on to simulate these environments at work. Making an open plan office or a zany creative meeting space can help you achieve those light bulb moments that might have otherwise been missed in a cramped cubicle.

Get everyone involved

Everyone has different ways of thinking and working. We moved out of our central Brighton office this year in favour of a warehouse so that we could work on the beach and have enough space to make our long term dreams come true for the company. This move was spearheaded by our team who insisted on seeing the warehouse…even though it didn’t have windows or plumbing at the time. Without this vision from our team, we wouldn’t have ever envisaged this as a feasible business plan, but now we are happier than ever at our beach-front warehouse. Bringing our team along to gain some honest insight has reassured us that we have something to suit everyone, and in honesty, it is nice to feel included.

Get outside

Who decided we always have to work inside? No matter how beautiful your new space may be, going to the same space everyday can be draining. Try breaking out into the great outdoors with a walking meeting or working retreat. When the weather is nice we head to the beach for our meetings. If you have a nice park or view near bye, make the most of it. Grab a pad of post -its, your trainers and your team and get out there!

Get Happy

Employee happiness is crucial to a successful business. One excellent example of this is this talk from Nikki Gatenby, MD of Propellernet. They have built their company on wellbeing and helping their staff achieve their dreams. In turn, this happiness and satisfaction are passed onto their clients and their customers. This better work-life balance, better staff retention and better satisfaction scores has directly impacted their bottom line.

We loved assisting Propellernet with their fabulous offices. See how we did it here.

This concept doesn’t just apply to big corporations, if you are a small business like us, there are tonnes of cost-effective ways to help you and your staff feel happier and more engaged at work. A comfortable office and a good slab of cake might not be a dream work retreat to Barbados, but it certainly goes a long way for us.

If you want to know more about the impact your office space has on employee engagement request a callback, or ask us your questions below!

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