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GATE8 Cabin MATE Review

As technology evolves and workplaces become increasingly remote, we’ve observed more and more people lugging heavy backpacks into the office. When you add up all the phones, tablets, laptops, water bottles, headphones and other accessories that help you to avoid people on your commute, your bag or backpack can end up weighty and cumbersome.

Being ergonomic purists, we’re a fussy bunch and until now we’ve had problems finding the perfect solution. Bags always tended to distribute weight unevenly across the shoulders (we’re looking at you giant handbag users) or worse still, the telescopic handle didn’t come up high enough making us stoop when we walk to work.

That’s when we discovered and instantly fell for GATE8 bags. We don’t sell anything that we haven’t tried and tested ourselves and initially purchased the Business MATE for personal use. We soon realised how well they could work for our customers struggling to find a bag.

We’re currently road testing the Cabin MATE bag. Originally drawn to its cabin approved compact size and durability, we’ve been won over by its other diverse features such as the detachable tech bag/backpack and option to have it embroidered with a name or logo making it perfect for businesses. From an ergonomics perspective, it’s also really refreshing to have a sturdy telescopic handle that rises high enough so that you don’t have to duck down to pull it along (or suffer the inevitable heel clippings from having to drag the bag so close to you).

Another feature that we think frequent travellers will like is the detachable clear toiletry bag for use on aeroplanes, surprisingly spacious clothes storage section and crease-proof hanging system. We can confirm that we’ve managed very long weekends away with this nifty bag!

We’ve always endorsed buying once and buying right. Our Director purchased the Business MATE over a year ago and it’s still going strong, in part due to its durable zips and hard-wearing 1680D ballistic nylon. We’ve yet to see if the Cabin MATE will stand the test of time, but it has survived some long, rainy and full-on days around the capital so far!

Recently featuring it in our essentials for Agile Workers, we think this would be the perfect bit of kit for people that work on the move and frequently travel for business.

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