Office health and safety regulations

HSE workplace guidelines

With so many office health and safety regulations, making sure your office is fit for staff can become a bit of a minefield. Here is a simple guide to health and safety regulations in the workplace. This guide is provided by HSE to help you comply with essential health and safety law.

If you use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) i.e. a computer for work, there are a number of health and safety regulations in place to protect both yourself and your employees. If your staff work with a computer you must:

  • Analyse workstations to assess and reduce risks;
  • Make sure controls are in place;
  • Provide information and training;
  • Provide eye and eyesight tests on request, and special spectacles if needed;
  • Review the assessment when the user or DSE changes

Posture People regularly refer to the official HSE guidance to make sure that we are adhering to the regulations. If your staff regularly use a screen at work, we would highly recommend that you read this guide for your workplace.

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