How do I create a home office?

Working from home can be difficult and many of us have to embrace it overnight. So now we are several weeks into the great home working experiment, suddenly working on the sofa isn’t cutting it anymore.

There is a reason why we have health & safety regulations which state you have to work on a height-adjustable office chair with a five star base in the office – because it’s comfortable, and it supports your back when you are sitting 8 hours a day. So having a workstation at home is becoming a necessity, and can be squeezed into virtually any home, as this article on small home offices by Real Homes shows.

To create a home office you need:

  • A desk (a kitchen table will do)
  • A laptop (with a laptop stand and a separate keyboard and mouse
  • A supportive office chair

Throw in a plant, and a few inspirational pictures on the wall and you are good to go…..

For more tips including a video on how to turn your kitchen table into a workstation, check out our working from home resource page

Tonique chair

One of the key elements in a home office is a decent office chair, you can manage short term on a kitchen chair, but long term it’s going to hurt. We’ve decided the Tonique Chair is the perfect home office chair, it can be delivered in a box via courier. It’s really easy to set up and it comes in two frame colours. The white version has a cool scandi vibe, so it won’t look too corporate in the middle of your living room.

Here are it’s plus points:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Available in two frame colour choices (black or white)
  • Delivery with 72 hours
  • Height adjustable seat & lumbar support
  • Depth adjustable seat (so will support taller users)
  • Free advice on how to set up your workstation

“I’m so glad I chose The Tonique chair. Delivery was really fast and the support I get is great” Harry

Laptop stand

The chances are if you are working from home you’ll be using a laptop, and hands up who has got it flat on the desk. Rather than giving you a lecture – check out our guide to working with a laptop, your neck will thank us.

We love the Contour laptop stand as it folds completely flat at the end of the day when your kitchen table actually needs to function as a table rather than a desk. If you’re a stationery addict, then the Bento Box is for you as during the day it’s a laptop stand, at night it stores all the stuff from your desk. This a really great option for keeping a work-life balance and not having to stare at all your office bits and pieces while watching TV.

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