How to adjust your office chair

Regardless of how much money you invest in ergonomic products, if you have not set up your workstation correctly, you might still experience some workplace woes. Here at Posture People, we are well accustomed to adjusting chairs to make them just right for each and every individual regardless of size, height and shape.

Before learning how to correctly set up your office chair, first you need to ask yourself if you have a good chair that can be adjusted.

What to look for when choosing an office chair

There are a few features that a good chair should have but the main feature you want to prioritise is adjustability. You r chair should have seat adjustability and tilt adjustability. Why is it so important that an office chair can adjust? Everyone has different bodies, no chair can be perfect for every individual, but you can adjust a chair to suit your body better, this will result in improved comfort and productivity.

Some other things to look out for when choosing a chair:

  • Supportive back rest- A back rest that is shaped to your back will give great support and help to correct posture.
  • Simple controls- You should be able to easily adjust your chair from a sitting position.
  • A comfortable seat that doesn’t put pressure on the back of your legs and knees
  • Seat fabric- You don’t want to sit on a chair that has a slippery fabric, it will make it difficult to maintain posture and you’ll keep sliding off the chair.
  • Adjustable armrests- When sitting at a desk, your arm should be able to make a right angle when you place your hand on the desk. Your arm rest should be supporting your elbows, so your arms aren’t hanging loose and putting strain on the arms and shoulders.

It’s not essential that your chair ticks all these boxes but those are some of the features that make a chair comfortable for you.

How to adjust your office chair

If you are using an ergonomic chair for the first time (or some pesky colleague has re-adjusted your chair) follow our simple guide to help you master the basics.

We’re using the iconic Orangebox DO chair to show you how to make the most out of your ergonomic chair. The DO chair is currently available for speedy delivery with free shipping.

Sit deeply into your chair

  • Sit deeply into your chair with your bum as far back as possible
  • There should be a 3 finger gap between the back of your knees and the edge of the chair – if there isn’t adjust the seat slide
  • Pull yourself into the desk; you want to sit as close as possible

Adjust your armrests

How to adjust your office chair
  • Take a deep breath and relax your shoulders
  • Adjust your armrests so that they support your forearms
  • Your arms should rest at a natural angle and not feel ‘pushed up’

Sit at the right height

  • Pull the height adjustment lever on your chair so that your armrests are level with the top of the desk
  • If your feet don’t touch the floor when your armrests are level with the desk then you will need a footrest
  • If you have a height-adjustable desk, raise or lower the desk using your armrests as a guide

Work well

  • Lock or unlock the back of your chair. We recommend unlocking the chair so that you make the most of your mechanism and rock and move when you sit
  • Raise your screen so that the top of your screen or laptop is in line with your eyebrows
  • Keep your keyboard and mouse close to prevent sore shoulders from over-reaching
  • If you use paperwork, raise it with a document holder to save your neck (and create extra desk space)

Have your desk at the correct height

Having the correct desk height is just as important as having your office chair set up correctly. It can cause slouching and poor posture if your desk is too low down for you. If you are unsure that your desk is at the correct height, we have a short video where our workstation assessor Jo, gives a few tips on how to know if you are desk is the right height for you.

How to sit correctly checklist

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