The new Homeworking Wireless Kit: A review

Recently we were contacted to help improve a student desks at home, and after a quick telephone consultation it was clear that one of the main issues was that a laptop was being used. As it was really relevant we asked Vicky if she would write a review for us, and here’s what she had to say.

“My daughter is a tall 16 year old and, despite having a desk and chair in her room, she never used it, preferring to lie on her bed with her laptop. During the first round of school closures, we let this slide (yes, terrible parenting I know), but now she is in year 11 and work has seriously ramped up, along with pressure from us to get it done.

I cleared her desk of all her crap and made her sit at it with her laptop. Then I realised why she was more comfortable on the bed. Being all arms and legs she was squashed and hunched over, having to bend her neck down to look at her laptop screen – and be really close up to it to type. She was also using a dining room chair, which made her slouch even more.

A friend had already mentioned Posture People to me, so I contacted them, half expecting an amazing solution, but one we probably couldn’t afford. They replied really quickly and asked for a photo of her current set up.

Jo, the managing director, got straight back to me and I was so impressed with her knowledge, not just about office equipment, but about posture and the best solutions for her height. What was really great, is that she had solutions for us that weren’t expensive.

We decided on the Homeworking Wireless Kit and it made a huge difference immediately. She’s sitting straighter, is way more comfortable and, she’s had to admit, the new set up gets her more into ‘work mode’. Jo also recommended a very reasonably priced chair, which is particularly good for taller people. Or, if that was too much for our budget, a cushion that helps with posture and could fit on her current chair.

The Homeworking Wireless Kit was so easy to set up – my daughter just took everything out of the boxes and it was all up and running in literally minutes. It’s all wireless so works well on her smallish desk. The keyboard is really dinky and, apparently, lovely to use – and means she is no longer right up against the screen while she types. The stand raises her laptop up to the perfect height, so she is no longer bent over.

We’ve decided to go for a new chair too, which will see her through college and then go with her wherever she ends up!

All in all, amazing knowledge and service from Posture People and I would thoroughly recommend.”

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