Why use a short keyboard

For those who don’t know, a short keyboard is basically just a compact version of your standard keyboard. When looking for a keyboard you will notice there are three keyboard sizes:

  • Full size
  • Compact
  • Short

A full-size keyboard has a numeric pad, function and arrow keys.

A compact keyboard has all the same features as a full-size keyboard but it’s a compact version.  So gaps between the keys are smaller, and some of the keys will be in different places (and might be smaller).

A short keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad.

The full-size keyboard would be suited for you if you have a lot of desk space and use a numeric pad often, but the downside to full-size keyboards is the size. Because they are so wide your mouse has to be further away from you, making you extend your arm more when you are using your mouse.

Compact keyboards are good if you still like to use function keys or use the arrow keys to move around the documents.

Short keyboards are good for those who suffer from shoulder pain or are low on desk space.

Benefits of a short keyboard

  • If you suffer with shoulder pain, a short keyboard is recommended. The compact size of a short keyboard means you can place your mouse closer to the side of the keyboard. This means you’re able to keep your arms close to your body and you’re not having to extend your arm to reach the mouse. This reduces the movement of your shoulder and arm and prevent further pain or injury.
  • Short keyboards are useful if you don’t have a lot of space. More and more office workers are choosing to work from home. Not everyone has the space for a big desk and a proper workstation, that’s when short keyboards come in handy. Perfect to use at home.

If you work at home and want some more tips on how to set up an ergonomic work zone in your house, we have a blog that you might find useful.

  • They are portable. They can easily be slipped into a laptop bag and carried around as they are small, thin and light weight.
  • If you like the idea of a short keyboard but would like to have a numeric pad to use, some short keyboards come with separate number pads. This means you can keep the compact size but also get the easy access to the numeric pad and the days you don’t need to use it you can put it to the side and free up extra space for your mouse.

Here are some examples of the three keyboard sizes using products available on our online shop.

The Microsoft Natural 4000 is an ergonomic curved keyboard with arched keys to help keep your wrists in a neutral position. You have the option of adding a palm rest which is beneficial for those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Contour Balance Keyboard is a wireless keyboard. It includes a numeric pad and you can choose to purchase a wrist rest with it. Using the wrist rest helps to give the optimal typing position

The Bakkerelkhuizen S-Board 840 is a great short keyboard option. It’s a compact ergonomic design with light scissor touch keys. You also have the option of adding a separate number

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