Is this what office workers will look like in the future?

Meet Emma; A life-size doll that represents what office workers will look like in 20 years time according to new research conducted by Fellowes.

Concocted from an amalgamation of research collected from offices across the UK, Germany and France, Emma is a visual representation of ailments we might all face if we don’t drastically reform our unhealthy workplace habits.

“To fix the problem, employers and employees will need to work together to prioritise physical and mental health. The former will need to address the workstations they provide, their office equipment, environment and terms of employment, if they are to maintain a healthy, engaged and efficient workforce. And the latter? Perhaps office workers can re-assess their attitudes and behaviours; making more positive choices around their work- and lifestyles. ”

William Higham – Author

The model of ‘Emma’ features glaring ailments caused by the biggest culprits to affect workplace wellbeing:

Whilst Emma looks a bit peaky from her bad habits, we’re remaining positive about the future of workplace wellbeing. The people that we work with have been geared to provide the best workplaces for their staff. With a multifaceted approach of ergonomic office design and better awareness of how to take care of ourselves at work, we can pave a better future for ourselves.

Read “The work colleague of the future” report in full

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