The best sustainable office chairs

An increasing number of our customers factor sustainability into their office furniture picks, so we decided to put together a line-up of the best sustainable task chairs. A good office chair is an essential piece of equipment for many of us, but you don’t have to compromise your values to buy one.

What makes an office chair sustainable?

The word sustainable is a wide-ranging term which can encompass many things. This includes the materials a chair is made from, manufacturing procedures and logistics.

The chairs selected below are manufactured by UK companies. With less miles comes less emissions. Furthermore, liaising with a UK company makes communication and arranging repairs much easier.

We have chosen chairs that contain 50 percent or more recycled material and are themselves nearly 100 percent recyclable. The i-Workchair is the only option featuring a fabric seat pad and there are plenty of sustainable upholstery choices available. We have also selected chairs based on the components and how easy it is to repair or refurbish them.

Additionally, we always encourage our customers to invest in their office equipment, living by that old idiom ‘buy once, buy well’. All of our chairs come with at least a 5 year warranty, but you will see nearly all the ones below offer considerably longer.

A good office chair represents a big expense for most people, but a chair that lasts 10+ years will cost significantly less than a cup of coffee per week over the course of its lifetime.

Aeron B chair

You might recognise the iconic Aeron chair from one of its many film and TV cameos. It has been blazing a task chair trail since it was first introduced nearly 30 years ago. Revolutionising ergonomic design and material innovation, it was the first chair of its kind not reliant on the use of fabric, foam or leather.

Aeron is Herman Miller’s first product to receive the industry-leading Cradle to Cradle V3 Silver Level certification. Composed of more than 50 percent recycled materials, the design was recently updated to include ocean-bound plastic.

As well as being 92 percent recyclable* the chair can be disassembled using standard tools allowing for re-use and repair.

The Aeron is manufactured in the UK and has a 12 year warranty.


Movement can reduce stress and increase productivity and the i-Workchair is designed to offer support and promote flexibility.

This chair is incredibly comfortable and a favourite within our team. The multi-layered technical mesh back has a perforated foam centre allowing excess heat to release away from the back, discouraging muscle tiredness.

Containing up to 53 percent recycled materials, the chair is also 100 percent recyclable*. It is manufactured in the UK and has a 10 year warranty.

The manufacturer Senator, is the only manufacturer we work with to have its own dedicated recycling facility, Sustain. This offers a comprehensive recycling and re-use scheme for both packaging and end of life products. In 2020 alone, a total of 49,438 items were recycled or remanufactured.

Kirn chair

The design of this chair might look simple, but Kirn is extremely versatile, comfortable and has a minimal footprint. Designer Gerard Taylor removed the bulk from the mechanism making the chair light in touch, resources and environmental impact.

Made predominantly from recycled polymer feedstock, the use of this low impact material produces 97 percent less CO2 than virgin plastics of the same type. Kirn is also 100 percent recyclable at the end of its life*.

The chair is manufacturered in the UK and has a 5 year warranty.

Mirra 2 chair

Another excellent offering from Herman Miller, the Mirra is designed to to be as agile as our workplaces. The backrest (either TriFlex or Butterfly) adapts to the individual, offering comfort and support as well as encouraging movement.

Just like the Aeron, the chair can be disassembled using standard tools. This facilitates the easy refurbishment or replacement of parts. Made of approximately 50 percent recycled materials, the chair is also 94 percent recyclable*.

The Mirra is manufactured in the UK and has a 12 year warranty.

The above list is not exhaustive – please let us know if there is something we haven’t included. Our manufacturers are making improvements to their products all the time, so we will endeavour to keep this chair line-up up-to-date!

If you need a new chair for yourself or some for your team please get in touch, we are always happy chat and will tailor our recommendations to you.

*based on the availability of suitable facilities

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