Should you get an office chair with a headrest?

It can be hard to choose an office chair, there are so many options to pick from and all kinds of additional features that can be added to the chair like armrests or headrests. A headrest isn’t essential for everyone when buying an office chair, but it does have some benefits.

Benefits of using a headrest

  • Improves comfort
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Encourages user to sit up properly
  • Can increase productivity

The main reason to use a headrest on a chair is to help neck pain and allows the user to sit in a reclined position. Using a headrest takes the pressure off the neck and head and allows the user to rest their head with support. They are particularly useful for people with shoulder and neck issues. A headrest allows the user to relax the neck and shoulder muscles, it helps to improve blood flow.

Reminds you to sit up correctly

To use the headrest, you have to sit up correctly, and it forces your body into an upright position and stops us from slouching forward. Having good posture benefits the body in many ways. A study found that work posture is significantly associated with MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) complaints.

What to look for in a chair with a headrest

Adjustability is really what you want to look out for when buying a chair. An adjustable headrest allows more comfort and support. A fitted headrest is only good for someone of a particular height, and of course, not everyone is the same height.

Who needs a chair with a headrest?

Headrests don’t need to be used all the time as it’s not a comfortable position when you are typing on a keyboard. Users that will benefit from headrests the most are people who like to sit back and relax frequently (micro-breaks). For example, people who make a lot of phone calls or aren’t required to use their keyboard all the time, these people often sit back and relax more, and a headrest can be used to support their heads.

People with neck conditions should use a headrest because it helps take the pressure off the neck and shoulders and helps to reduce pain.

Chairs with headrests

The most Budget-friendly

The Orangebox Spira Plus is a cheaper option but still a great option. The Spira plus is a highly adjustable and aesthetically pleasing task chair suitable for people that need to use a headrest but don’t want to spend a fortune.

  • The headrest, armrests, and back support are all adjustable so you can find your perfect angles.
  •  There are two back and seat sizes to choose from so people of all shapes and sizes can use this chair and still get the same amount of support.
  • There are integrated air cells in the lumbar and pelvic areas, this guarantees a better fit for users.
  • The contoured seatback provides great support for the user.
  • The Spira Plus has a flat foot support base to allow more leg movement and foot support.
  • Recline tension: Clockwise to increase tension, anti-clockwise to decrease tension.
  • Height and width adjustable armrests that can be locked into place at the desired height. They can also rotate 30 degrees and slide.

The best chair for taller people

  • Orangebox Flo chair is great for taller individuals as the chair has a deep seat design. The headrest has 77mm of upward movement so it can be perfectly suited to the user’s neck comfort.
  •  It has a high and supportive backrest and the chair is very adjustable. The deep seat design gives extra support to the back of the thighs.
  • This chair has inflatable air cells which help to support the back and chest.
  • This chair also comes with adjustable 4D arms.
  •  A moulded contoured seat cushion with memory foam.
  • A great feature of this chair is the numbered indexing system. This allows the user to keep track of the perfect chair set up for them and means that multiple people can use this chair and will be easily able to set up the chair by just looking at the recorded numbers.

The best chair for plus-sized individuals

The chair we would recommend for plus-sized users is the Adapt 700 SE. It has a weight capacity of 40 stone and has a variety of headrest options: headrest, neck roll or a larger neck curve. This chair has a pressure absorbing seat and an advanced mechanism enabling increased body angle range.

Headrest Options

  • Headrest- This headrest is more traditional than the other options. A flat headrest but still offers good support.
  • Neckroll- This headrest comfortably cushions the neck curve and supports the head.
  • V-rest- This can be used as a neck roll or a flat headrest due to its shape

We have a blog post on making the office more comfortable for plus-sized members of staff.

Our favourite chair with a headrest

Our favourite chair here at Posture People is the RH Logic 220. The RH logic 220 is a stylish looking chair with clearly labelled adjustments suitable for someone new to ergonomic chairs. It has a high back with a supportive headrest, the only downside to this chair is that it’s not recommended for taller individuals as the seat isn’t big enough. The chair is good for active sitting. If you don’t like to sit still whilst working and prefer to fidget and swing, active sitting is for you. You can either choose to have this chair moving or in a static position.  The movement is great as it allows you to have continual support as you lean forwards and backwards to work. Perfect for users who like to lean back and take phone calls and frequent breaks from their keyboard.

  • The seat has a rounded and waterfall edge to take pressure off the thighs.
  • Seat depth can be adjusted separately
  • Separately adjustable backrest angle
  • The inflatable lumbar pump provides support for the lower back.
  • Pictograms on all the handles make adjusting this chair clear and simple.
  • The chair can be adjusted whilst seated.

The best chair for people with mobility issues

The Vela Tango 510 EL is perfect for users with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, chronic arthritis and Ehlers Danlos syndrome, or any condition that comes with mobility challenges.

  • The chair has a central brake to ensure stability when getting in and out of the chair. Suitable for wheelchair users.
  •  You have the option of choosing electric adjustments or manual adjustments so the user can rise to standing or lower to a height that is easy to transfer into a wheelchair.
  • The armrests are stable and can be leaned on with pressure, so if the user needs to use the armrests as support when standing up, they can hold their weight.
  • A stable frame and central locking provide extra safety when the user gets on and off the chair.
  • Can easily be adjusted whilst the user is seated in the chair.
  • Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest provide great support and courage ergonomic sitting.

We hope you found this blog post helpful, if you did you might like our blog post called five of the best chairs for back pain. Picking out the perfect office chair can be hard which is why we are here to help! We also have a great newsletter sent to your inbox every couple of weeks, sign up for useful tips and our product recommendations.

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