How to pick the best home office chair

In one form or another, It looks like home working is here to stay. If your bum sorely misses your chair that’s being held captive in your place of work, we’ve put together a guide on how to pick your perfect home office chair.

The mechanics of a good home office chair

If you want a great deep dive into the ergonomics of what makes a really good home office chair, we’ve broken it up into a digestible guide here. In short, to find the most comfortable chair, you need to look out for high levels of adjustability. No two bodies are the same shape and size, and seat slides, back height adjustments and contoured backrests are just a few adjustments that a good home office chair can offer.

Whilst four-legged wooden chairs look great around the house, they aren’t conducive to comfort. If you see an element of home working in your future, it’s worth investing in a good home office chair to prevent back pain and musculoskeletal issues further down the line.

If you already have a specific problem that you are trying to combat, fill out our pre-assessment questionnaire and we can help you with a more prescriptive solution to cater for the issue.

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Style & substance

Ergonomic chairs can have a bit of a reputation for being a bit clunky…

Our manufacturers have been working away to whittle down their designs to create some really beautiful and functional chairs. With the current selection of chairs on the market, you don’t have to compromise on style in your home – you can have both a stylish and functional chair.

For a softer and homier look, our chairs can usually be specified in a wide range of fabrics to help in blend in with your colour scheme and decor. If you have something specific in mind, we’re here to chat you through your options.

Protect your floor

Different castors (the little wheels on your chair) can be specified depending on the flooring it’s destined for. As standard, most chairs come with castors for carpet, but you can ask for rubberised castors to protect wooden or laminate flooring. We mention this now to prevent heartache when your perfectly polished wooden floor gets scratched. We always recommend specifying the floor type on your order notes if you are purchasing online.

Short on space?

If you’re short on square meters, a home office chair might take too much of your space. If this is the case, there are compact options available to help you transform your kitchen table or sofa into a much more comfortable workspace. Although we wouldn’t recommend this as a long term solution, some sitting wedges and a laptop stand can really improve your posture wherever you happen to be working.

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